Steve Robson DOP – Director of Photography

Lighting Cameraman, London UK.
Available with full camera kit for hire including Sony F5

I am a professional Lighting Cameraman based in London, with extensive camera kits, monitors, lenses, lights and van, check my kit list here for full details.

 professional cameraman ondon
Over 25 years of experience shooting broadcast and corporate content, I have built up a reputation for giving a quality look to the shots, in a short space of time.
I am an owner operator with a great selection of kit including the 4K upgrade of the Sony F5 (also shoots 1080)  and great lenses like the Canon CN7 : 17-120 mm PL zoom and Zeiss Super Speed CP2 Cine Primes.
I have everything covered in terms of lenses from 11mm all the way up to 800mm
I have worked in most areas of Television from studio up and have had the opportunity to film in some far flung places with some great people.
Professional London based cameraman with a sense of humor and many years of shooting commercials, broadcast and corporate content. Please contact me for availability and quotes.
Steve owns and operates the full range of formats available to program makers including the Sony F5 with prime lenses.

Recent Shoots


The Art Show – Sky Atlantic
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman-Nat Geo 1 x 1 hr
Vanarama-6 x 30 second commercials -Sony F5 Cine Primes
Tails 1 x 30 second commercial-Sony F5 Cine Primes
Wrap it -1 x 30 second commercial-Sony F5 Cine Primes
Derren Brown -The Push Ch 4
Barclaycard Commercials x 3 ITN Prods for ITV
Nat Geo Breakthrough -Ethiopia – Asylum for Nat Geo
Incredible Engineering Blunders -Fixed 6 x 1hr : Brite Spark for Discovery
The Curve -1 x Commercial : Dir: Alex Richardson-Sony F5
Barclays -Comic Relief Commercial-ITN productions 1 x 30 second commercial -Sony F5
Cineme 1 x 30 sec Commercial for Cinema Projection -Sony F55 -4K
Wrap It 1 x 30 second commercial Dir : Mike Reynolds
Prized Apart -BBC 1 Primetime Family show
NASA-Mysteries from Space-C 300 -Wag TV for Discovery-Dir: Dan Edwards
NASA’s Unexplained Files-C300-Wag Tv for Discovery-Dir: Dan Edwards
The Joy of the Guitar Riff- BBC 4 -Dir: Sam Bridger-Sony F5 and Canon C300
Gadget Man-North One for Ch 4-Dir; Dan Edwards-Sony F5-Zeiss CP2 zoom – Canon C300
BBC I Player Comedy Shorts- with Bob Mortimer-BBC for BBC I Player -Pett Prods-Sony F5
World’s Strangest – Boundless for Discovery 6 x 1 hrs – Canon C300
UEFA Cahampions League Commercial – RED MX – Radiant
ITV Comedy Awards – Opening Sketch-Unique for ITV
Keith Allen meets John McVicar-CH4 – HDCAM
Shooting Stars Sketches – BBC 2 – HDCAM and 5 d
Queen,Wife,Mother – Alan Titmarsh – ITV
100 Greatest Gadgets with Stephen Fry – North One for Ch4
‘I’m In a Pop Band!” BBC2
R.E.M. at the BBC
On track with Seat-Kaiser Chiefs – Universal for Ch4 – Canon 5 d
Dave’s One Night Stand – Phil McIntyre for Dave – HDCAM
Slash – Homecoming concert – Eagle Rock
Peter Gabriel in 3D – Eagle Rock for Sky 3D
Isle Of Wight 2011-3 D – Blink for Sky Arts
Through The Wormhole – with Morgan Freeman – Discovery USA-Panasonic Varicam
Lilly Allen’s Shop Princess for Ch4 – Digi Beta
Sport Relief Commercial 2010-Gary Lineker BBC – Digi Beta
Bang Goes The Theory BBC Panasonic HDX900
Ricky Gervais – New heroes of Comedy Dir: Michael Forte Tiger Aspect for Ch 4-Digi Beta
The Office/Extras nights Dir: Michael Forte for BBC Digi Beta
Fawlty Towers Re – Opened-Tiger Aspect for Gold/BBC- Digi Beta
Blackadder’s most Cunning Moments – Tiger Aspect for Gold- Digi Beta
Blackadder-The Whole Rotten Saga – Tiger Aspect for Gold-Digi Beta
Viva Opera Italia! BBC HDCAM 900R
The Paul O’Grady Show with Barbera Streisand-Olga TV for Ch 4-Digi Beta
London Ink series 2 -World of Wonder for Discovery DvCam
Wonderstuff Title sequence -Shine for BBC 2 HDCAM Greenscreen
The One Show-BBC 1-DvCam
“I’m In a Rock & Roll Band” BBC 2-Digi Beta
The “Smithy” Sketches BBC Sport Relief-Digi Beta
Panasonic Blu Ray infomercial with Sean Pertwee-HDCAM 900R
The Arabian Nights History with Richard E. Grant-Quickfire for BBC 4-Panasonic P2-2700
Disney Fashion Wizards – Maverick for Disney Channel-Digi beta
Supersize Vs Superskinny-Endemol for Ch 4-DvCam
A Man’s Story-Feaure Doc for cinema release on Ozwald Boetang-HDCAM 900R
Celebrity Scissorhands-BBC 3 Digi Beta
The Unforgettable Danny La Rue/Bob Monkhouse-North One for ITV-HDCAM 750
The unseen Spike Milligan 1 x 1 hr – Objective for Ch 4 Dir: Toby Dye
Pop Britannia 3 x 1 hr for BBC 4 Dir: Ben Whalley
Sound of Underground London 8 x 1 hr LWT for ITV Dir: Titus Ogilvy
Scary Movie Dir Simon George Feature length for Ch 4
Gods Richard & Judy Associated Rediffusion for Ch4
Born to be Different 3 x 1 hr for Ch4 Dir: Katherine English
Imagine -Carlos Acosta 1 x 1 hr BBC1 Dir Lucy Blackstad
Glastonbury(10 yrs) Reading, V Fest, Womad Electric Proms BBC4/BBC HD
Live 8 BBC4 Sessions:
Bruce Springsteen(HD) Dir:Janet Fraser Cook
Damian Rice(HD) Dir: Nick Wickham
Tony Bennett (HD) Dir: Janet Fraser Cook
Rosanne Cash(HD) Dir; Janet Fraser Cook
Beyonce @ the BBC title sequence
Depeche Mode DVD ( HD) Dir Blue Leach
Siouxsie & the Banshees Dir:Nick Wickham
Red Hot Chilli Peppers Slaine Dvd(HD) Dir;Nick Wickham
Tom Cruises Millions/Sean Connery 2 x 1 hr BBC4/BBC 2 Dir Alex Hills
Matt Lucas & David Walliams/Simon Pegg Perfect night in Mono for Ch4 Dir:Tom Thostrup
X – Rated 1 X 1 hr Visual Voodoo for Ch4 Dir: Simon George
A Japanese Cannibal in Paris 1 X 1hr visual voodoo for Ch5 Dir: Toby Dye
Fantastic Voyage Brighton Films for Discovery
Private Life of a Masterpiece Fulmar for BBC2 Dir: Lucy Donaghue
Inside Naked News Channel Vashca for Ch5 Dir: John Amile
The Unforgettable Eric Morcambe Chrysalis for ITV
Made in Europe Visual Voodoo 8 x 1 hr for Discovery Dir:Paul Clay
Addicted to Porn Visual Voodoo for Ch4 Dir:Peter Higgins
Victoria Beckham Secrets/Robbie Williams Vashca for Ch5 Dir: Dave Hills
The Panto Set Visual Voodoo for Ch4 Dir:Paul Clay
Mika Live @ koko (HD) Dir:Nick Wickham
Foo Fighters in Hyde Park 06(HD) Dir:Nick Wickham
John Legend @ the Albert Hall(HD) Dir Nick Wickham
Pop Idol
Supernanny 2
Cooking It Radar for Ch4
Bridget Jones Diary e.p.k. Dir John Dunton Downer
Best Possible Taste 12 yard for BBC Dir Danny Fildes
BBC Holiday(3 years)
Comic Relief Sketches 07 Dir: Martin Dance
Towers of London 10 x 1 hr for Bravo Dir: Dave Hills
My Breasts are Too Big Betty TV For Ch4 Dir: Viv Howard
No Going Back Ricochet for Ch4 Dir: Ammanda Murphy



IBM Sainsburys Gillette Debenhams Shell BP
Tesco Merryl Lynch Boots UBS Rio Tinto
BT Lloyds Ford Barclays Churchill

Equipment & Lighting

I have the Sony F5 which now shoots internal 4 k as my main camera This can be complemented by the Sony A7 s which shoots S Log 2 ,as a second camera I also have the Canon C300 which can marry up with the Zeiss CP2 s for a great look.

I carry 2 HD monitors 1 a 17″ field monitor that can also be battery powered and a hand held cable free 7″ monitor for quick, zero delay monitoring via the Terradek Bolt Pro 300.




Sony F5 Cine Alta

Sony A7 S

Canon 5 D mkII




Go Pro Hero 4

Sony F5






Sony 4K sensor for gorgeous, super-sampled HD and 2K now full internal 4K.

The PMW-F5 CineAlta camera shoots spectacular images with its 8.9 megapixels (effective) Sony 4K image sensor. You get superior, super-sampled pictures with noticeably higher contrast, rich colour reproduction and greater clarity. The camera offers robust built-in recording modes, all with vibrant 4:2:2 colour. Irresistible options include the
amazing precision of 16-bit linear RAW 2K/4K recording and high speed shooting at up to 150 fps in XAVC codec
without cropping,and 180 fps in 23.98 fps.

The camera is fully modular so a huge range of different lenses can be used
Any PL mount lens
Any EF (Canon) mount lens

In terms of lenses that will go with the camera this is the package:


Canon CN 7 17-120 PL zoom T2.9
Morpheus 80-200 PL zoom T 2.8
Doubler for both of the above allowing up to 800mm in 2K or
400mm in 4K
Red 17-50 light weight zoom PL -T2.8
Tokina 11-16 Cine T 2.8 EF mount
Zeiss CP 2 Super Speeds-35/50/85mm All T 1.5 PL or EF mount
8mm EF fish eye EF
100mm EF macro lens 2.8

So really everything from 8mm to 800mm in 2 k is covered. It’s a total box ticker in terms of what’s out there at
present,very versatile,very easy to go hand held with at the drop of a hat and great for grading with.

Sony a7s mk 11 -4k DSLR

sony a7smk11 copy

I own the new Sony A7s mk11 with Full Frame 35mm Exmor™ CMOS sensor for ultra wide dynamic range and high movie quality. Unbeatable in low light.
This 12.2 megapixel sensor combines unbelievable sensitivity of up to ISO 409,600*1 with very low noise levels, when combined with the optimised high-speed BIONZ X image processing engine. The camera is also equipped with professional movie functions to fulfil the needs of serious photographers and videographers.

When paired with my PIX-E 5″ 4k recorder/monitor the camera’s output becomes a very decent 4 k at 4:2:2
This monitor is part of the Letus Helix Gymbal packaged sits nicely on the rig.

A7 used at Glastonbury 2015


Zeiss CP2

The Zeiss CP 2 Cine Super Speeds: 35/50/85 mm all T 1.5. These Cine Primes take the guesswork out of focus pulling.They are Imperial lenses ,in feet,and will work on either PL or EF so either of my cameras.

canon17-20Canon CN 7 :  17-120 mm PL with an Optical doubler it becomes a 34-240mm and then ,with the camera’s 4 k centre crop it can extend to 68-440mm. It allows the camera to change shots in a fraction of a second ,offering all the benefits of a 4K lens on a Super 35mm sensor, so giving that shallow depth of field quickly.

4k-sThey are 4 K ready so will work equally well on the Arri Alexa or the Red Epic etc.
These are essentially Cine lenses so problems like “breathing” when focus pulling are greatly reduced,and being T1.5 , coupled with the speed of the C300 for example -you really can shoot available light in most situations.

Cooke 18mm Mini S4i -Cine Prime 17-50mmcook18

Morpheus 80 – 200mm  T2.8

morpheus-80-200mmMorpheus is a coveted stills lens, re-engineered for digital film and video use. The useful 80mm. to 200mm. range is packed into a short body just 205mm. long, and weighing only 2.3Kg. Engineering is by True Lens Service (TLS) who first converted this lens for use on Casino Royale and The Bourne Ultimatum. Focus direction has been reversed to match that of all other leading PL mount lenses.

Morpheus 80 – 200 mm. zoom lens, PL Mount, which is well suited to all kinds of production, including drama, documentary and commercials. It especially suits fast action hand-held or Steadicam applications, as well as small camera set-ups or remotely operated rigs. The low 2.3Kg weight yet long focal range makes this lens a class leader.
The optical design of this lens exhibits superb performance, rendering great images in either a digital or film environment. AR coatings reduce flares and veiling glare for deep, rich blacks and a wide contrast range. Extra Low Dispersion (ELD) glass reduces chromatic aberration, critical for digital camera sensors. The 9 leaf iris generates round out of focus highlights, and a pleasing organic bokeh.

The ergonomics of the lens demonstrates TLS’s experience and engineering skills. Construction is more than robust enough for field applications. The large scales are easy to read. The 110mm. front diameter is the same as the TLS Speed Panchro range and Cooke S4 and S5 series, facilitating fast set up and lens change.

Focal Range: 80 – 200mm.
Aperture Range: T2.8 – 32 / 9 Bladed Aperture
Weight: 2.3Kg.
Close Focus: 1.5 metres.
Front Diameter: 110mm.
Angle of View: 30.2 – 12.3, 35mm film / sensor.
Maximum Reproduction Ratio: 1:5.9 at 200mm, 1:14 at 80mm.
Coverage: 35mm Academy
Mount: PL, in stainless steel.


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