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Drain the Oceans -MSP for Nat Geo

The The – Reform at the Albert Hall  Dir Tim Pope

Stargazing Live USA – BBC for the BBC

MUSE – Feature film 2019. Dir Candida Brady.90 mins

Billy Connolly’s Ultimate World Tour. ITV 1 Dir: Andy Dunn- Indigo TV

The Art Show.2 x 1 hrs Sky Atlantic

Prince Harry’s Story– Spun Gold for ITV & Nat Geo

Inside the Tower of London Ch 5

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Nat Geo

The Joy of the Guitar Riff Dir: Sam Bridger for BBC4

Darren Brown -The Push Ch4 & Netflix

Gadget Man -North One for Ch4

Nasa’s Unexplained Files Wag for Discovery

Nasa’s Mysteries from Space Wag for Discovery

National Television Awards Indigo Tv

Eurotrash EU Referendum Special -Canal Plus

Barclaycard Commercials 3 x ITN productions

Lilly Allen – from Riches to Rags Ch 4

Vanarama Commercials 6 x 30 secs

Breakthrough-Ethiopia Asylum for Nat Geo

Omaze Campaigns with Hugh Grant & Bennedict Cummerbatch

The Naked Beach Ch 4

Glastonbury Festival  BBC TV 16 years

Slash-Homecoming Tour Dvd Dir: Russell Thomas

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman-6 seasons Discovery

Queen,Wife,Mother with Alan Titmarsh 1 x 1hr  ITV 1

100 Greatest Gadgets with Stephen Fry Ch 4

Shooting Stars sketches

World’s Strangest -Boundless for Discovery

ITV Comedy Awards Opening Sketches

100 Greatest Toys with Jonathan Ross ITV 1    1 x 3 hr

Fawlty Towers -reopened Hat Trick

Cooking It -Radar Ch 4

Beyonce @the BBC Title sequence

Foo Fighters Hyde Park-dvd  Dir: Nick Wickham

The reform at the Albert Hall Dir: Tim Pope

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Live at Slaine Castle Dir: Nick Wickham

A Japanese Cannibal in Paris Ch 5 Dir: Toby Dye

Engineering Blunders Fixed! Brite Spark for Discovery

Ghost Chasers-Brite Spark for Discovery

Comic Relief sketches BBC

Depeche Mode Dvd Dir: Blue Leach

The Smithy Sketches -James Corden Dir: Ben Winston

Dave’s One Night Stands -Dave 6 x 1 hrs

A Man’s Story Feature doc on Ozwald Boetang

Four Rooms Ch 4

The Young Apprentice -Boundless for BBC


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