Steve Robson DOP

Director of Photography

Lighting Cameraman, London UK.
Available with full camera kit for hire including Sony F5

I am a professional Lighting Cameraman based in London, with extensive camera kits, monitors, lenses, lights and van, check my kit list here for full details.

 Over 25 years of experience shooting broadcast and corporate content, I have built up a reputation for giving a quality look to the shots, in a short space of time.

I am an owner operator with a great selection of kit including the 4K upgrade of the Sony F5 (also shoots 1080)  and great lenses like the Canon CN7 : 17-120 mm PL zoom and Zeiss Super Speed CP2 Cine Primes.

I have everything covered in terms of lenses from 11mm all the way up to 800mm

I have worked in most areas of Television from studio up and have had the opportunity to film in some far flung places with some great people.

Professional London based cameraman with a sense of humor and many years of shooting commercials, broadcast and corporate content. Please contact me for availability and quotes.

Winner of LACA Award for Best Cinematography: Muse





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